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•    Golf (2004 -2006) SF grant € 130.000
Disadvantaged young people move  in narrow social circles where unemployment and criminal careers are more mainstream then working hard for your money. In this project youngster are engaged as caddies on a golf course in order to meet up with potential employers and to be challenged to rebuild their careers. Results: 92 youngsters engaged. 55 of them had a job or work experience placement within 3 months. After 6 months out of 55 youngsters 50 still had that job or placement.

•    Business class ex offenders (2008-2010) SF grant € 120.000
People that have been in prison may have competencies that are useful  for running their own business. In this experiment 24 participants joined the program. Only 2 of them have been successful starting up a business. A further two participants found jobs due to the program. The remaining 20 have improved their skills but have not been successful in achieving income other than benefits.

•    Women in child care (2007-2011) SF grant € 37.600
Women who live on social benefits and have no relevant qualifications have been trained to achieve employment in child care. 75 woman started the course. 65 graduated and 35 subsequently found employment in child care. Furthermore the developed methodology was spread to other cities


Social Firms
Brewery De Prael, SF investment € 200.000
The Prael in Amsterdam  produces a special beer sold to pubs and liquid stores. The employees are people with a history of mental health problems. The brewery was founded (2001) by the regional mental health association. It became  an independent organisation and opened up a pub in 2011. By the end of 2011 87 people were employed on various types of contracts.

Training Companies
Car repair center, SF investment € 50.000
Since 2009 the car repair center offers  15 young people with no qualifications a training job each year. This is a unique business as  the owner is physically handicapped and runs his workshopfrom a wheelchair. So far he has been successful with 62% of the youth in his training program moving on to either further education or jobs in the regular labor market.  

Traditional business
Tolhuis Sewer inspections, SF Investment € 50.000
This company  inspects sewers and used to employ highly educated people. However, this resulted in a high turnover of staff because the job is not very challenging. The employer then decided to recruit unqualified and unemployed people and train them. The resulting  workforce is very loyal to Tolhuis. In the 2009 crisis we helped the company to survive and saved the 13 jobs.    

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